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About us

Welcome to A|D Candle and Body! William and I are thrilled you’re here!  We are the husband and wife creative duo behind A|D Candle and Body and we create beautiful, natural personal care products and soy wax candles and tarts that you get to love, use, enjoy, and share.

A|D Candle and Body

Whether you have been using handcrafted natural products for some time or are just starting to remove unnecessary chemicals from your body care routine – you’re in the right place.

I’m guessing you’ve stopped here to find out what we do and why we do it! Well, friend, pull up a chair while I tell you the story of A|D Candle and Body.

A|D Candle and Body is the result of what happens when the light at the end of the tunnel is actually attached to a freight train.  Until 2014, we were living life without a care.  We were just two people building a beautiful relationship.  Then came the day we sat in a doctor’s office and had our world turned upside-down.  I don’t know if I even remember the exact words the doctor said.  “I’m so sorry” just kept playing over and over in my head as I looked at the man I loved more than life itself and watched a tear roll down his shocked face.  Well there it was – cancer. I wasn’t sure whether to be shocked, sad, devastated, scared or just plain ticked off.  One of the last things I remember us being told was “it’s a chronic disease that you just have to learn to live with.”  All I can remember is thinking “Are you kidding me?” 

find a cure for lymphoma

The fault in that plan was that Bill and I have very poor “live with it skills.”  So, we decided to own this disease.  We weren’t going to let it define our lives.  In essence, cancer was going to have to live with us not the other way around.  We began learning how to mitigate the chance we might fuel these cancer flames with products we used and the foods we ate.  We were floored with what we learned.  Did you know it is reported that the average American uses 9 personal care products on a daily basis which exposes them to 126 different cosmetic chemicals?  Or that studies indicate the soot and fumes dispersed by the burning of paraffin wax is like inhaling diesel fuel?  We knew we could make healthier choices, but were floored at the cost of those healthy alternatives. 

After searching high and low for suitable products, we decided to make products for our own use.  After the maniacal laughter subsided, we devoted ourselves to learning about the handcrafted saponification process, candle making, and responsibly-sourcing the finest ingredients for our products.  Then we got busy with it, put on our Mad Scientist gear and made our first batch of soap.  Since that time, we have spent countless hours, days, months, and years perfecting our craft.  Along the way, we’ve made products we fell in love with and some we couldn’t throw away quick enough!  We were so proud of the cool things we were creating; we started sharing them with our family and friends. Our friends and family loved our products as much as we did! 

Then it dawned on us – we can make a business out of this.  Better yet – we can make a difference.  Not only would our products be better for you but we could donate profits to find a cure for this disease and viola! A|D Candle and Body was born.  We even created a special soap bar with the Lymphoma Cause Ribbon – Kicking Cancer’s Ass.  It is our promise, and business model, to donate 1% of total profits (1% for the Cause) along with 50% of profits from each Kicking Cancer’s Ass bar to the Lymphoma Research Foundation toward research for advancing treatment options and finding a cure for Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma.

We have worked hard to source the finest products at the best price so we can pass that savings along to you.  We believe everyone should be able to afford natural handcrafted products.  As you navigate the online store, you’ll see we have made natural affordable.

I want to invite you to join the A|D Candle and Body community. By signing up you’ll be among the first to know about the newest products and sales, learn about the ingredients we use in crafting your favorite product and share in a bit of our world.

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Thank you for being here, we genuinely appreciate it…and you!

Becky & Bill